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Larry Emdur will announce Australia’s top business leaders for 2023

This year’s audience can look forward to an entertaining evening with Larry Emdur from The Chase and The Morning Show hosting the 12th annual Executive of the Year Awards.

If anyone is qualified to honour the achievements of Australia’s top executives, it is Larry Emdur. This year, the veteran of show business celebrates 40 years in the competitive world of television presenting – a reflection of his remarkable staying power and talent for the job.

It was the cliche ‘fake it till you make it’ that catapulted Emdur onto his career path after pretending to be a reporter as an intern at Seven News.

His acting abilities seemed to work like a charm, earning him the title of Australia’s youngest national newsreader at age 17. It was a far cry from his adolescent dream of surfing professionally.

“I think my greatest achievement is still being here,” he admits.

“I’ve worked on every different network, in every different genre (except soapies) and there aren’t many – if any – hosts who can claim that. I’m also the most axed man in TV and I’m pretty proud of that.”

For the 12th iteration of the Awards, Emdur will be the emcee at the prestigious event, calling the names of inspiring winners throughout the gala dinner.

“It’s always a terrific evening surrounded by powerful and passionate business leaders,” he says. “I intend on bringing the fun, I hate boring awards nights. I also intend on finishing on time because CEOs would expect that from me.”

If not now, when?

Now nearing 60 and busier than ever, Emdur believes the trials and tribulations in show business have made him a better host. “I’m here because of all the mistakes I’ve made, all the walls I’ve hit that have made me a better, stronger host,” he says.

At the same time, he’s convinced that his success boils down to being kind and positive in his dealings with other people. “I know that can be difficult in the push and shove of business, especially at CEO level, but it’s something I’ve worked really hard to preserve and it’s always worked for me.”

“I’m here because of all the mistakes I’ve made, all the walls I’ve hit that have made me a better, stronger host.”

The Morning Show host will be switching up his television persona for the luxurious black-tie event being held on 16 November 2023 at The Star, Sydney.

Learning throughout his career to make lemonade when life hands you lemons, has led Emdur to dip his toes into unfamiliar waters on numerous occasions. “I hosted Celebrity Splash and competed on Dancing with the Stars, and despite that I’m still hosting The CEO Magazine Executive of the Year Awards,” he says.

“I have a tattoo on my chest that says, ‘If not now, when?’. It drives me to have a go at pretty much anything – that’s my lesson, that’s what I tell people.”

larry emdur

Putting a spotlight on success

With this philosophy etched into his skin, Emdur took to the oceans to participate in the iconic Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in 2020. It was a pivotal event in his life that continually reminds him of the modern comforts he’s become accustomed to in the glamorous world of television.

“Doing the Sydney to Hobart reset my whole life. It actually reset everything and that’s the measure now for me for any form of discomfort,” he told Escape in 2020.

So for someone who started out as a copy boy for the Sydney Morning Herald and now has the pinnacle role in the popular entertainment show The Chase Australia, what exactly does success look like?

“If I’m happy,” he states simply. “I know that sounds terribly cliched, but if I feel happy and content within myself then I believe that’s what success feels like.”

“It’s important that we spin that spotlight around every now and again and applaud the people keeping the trains on the tracks.”

Certainly no stranger to the task of delivering life-changing accolades, Emdur has a reputation for presenting with humour and genuine warmth as a Master of Ceremonies.

“I host many events where the CEOs are honouring, thanking, awarding their people, their teams, so it’s important that we spin that spotlight around every now and again and applaud the people keeping the trains on the tracks,” he reflects.

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